So, um how do I write this. Hi, as you probably already know my name is Joan. So, before you say, ” omg, here is a girl who can’t even write a good first post. let me just find another blog to read”. So, before I sound pathetic and start writing nonsense, the reason why I’m writing to show people that none one’s life is perfect. Raise your hand high up in the air if you know someone that their life looks so perfect.(I see you).Let me just tell you, it’s not really true. You might have a not so good life, but you can make the most out of it. You’re going to see the most weirdest & funniest things that happen in my life. So before I hit Publish, thank you to those are still reading. Bye. Arigato (learning Japanese. work in progress)

XOXO, Joan

P.S., you want to know a secret. I had a better first post draft, but I stupidly and accidentally hit refresh which deleted it

“Don’t forget to smile”